Sunday, May 3, 2009

The closer it gets....

This is going to be a crazy month. Austin's appointment is coming up this week. The closer it gets the more nervous I get. I KNOW he is the picture of health now, but a mommy cant help but to worry. Aubrey's next heart cath is in a few weeks... it came up too fast. I really hope that everything goes well. They are both doing so well.... But I cant help but to worry!
I want everyone to take a moment and Pray for the Freeman Family. Kayleigh was born in June last year weighing 1lb. 1oz. Kayleigh has had many surgeries, including open heart when she was only 4lbs. Kayleigh had another surgery a few weeks ago, and something went wrong... The doctors said she is "brain dead". All her mom and dad want to do is take her home... through her door, into her room and to see her siblings... Please Pray that her mommy and daddy get to do that.... Please Pray for Kayleigh!!!

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