Thursday, May 14, 2009

It doesnt get easier...

Aubrey's heart cath is Tuesday. It came very quickly. Each time she needs another surgery, It NEVER gets easier. She is old enough now to remember. She screams any time she goes in for an echo. Now she will scream and go into a room full of nurses and doctors and be put to sleep. I want to be the last person she sees before she goes to sleep and the first person when she wakes up.
She is my precious angel. Another surgery, knowing that this wont be her last. I just wish I could do this instead of her. Why cant it be me instead. Why cant I be the one to go through what my precious babies have gone through. Why is it them?!? They havent done anything to deserve any of this... But I know.... I cant think like this. Even though I do... I know I cant. I have to think of it as GOD has plans... His own set of plans... A plan for each and every one of us. My babies are specially wrapped, they are perfect. Their hearts are a lil more special than others. Please Pray that everything goes well for Aubrey on Tuesday. This is her 7th surgery. She WILL do good. She WILL come out of this. A lil stronger everytime!

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  1. i just found your blog! amazing stories of your precious babies! i, too, am a heart mommy. stay strong...those cutie-pies are lucky to have you!! would love to add them to my heart babies page on my blog!