Thursday, May 14, 2009

It doesnt get easier...

Aubrey's heart cath is Tuesday. It came very quickly. Each time she needs another surgery, It NEVER gets easier. She is old enough now to remember. She screams any time she goes in for an echo. Now she will scream and go into a room full of nurses and doctors and be put to sleep. I want to be the last person she sees before she goes to sleep and the first person when she wakes up.
She is my precious angel. Another surgery, knowing that this wont be her last. I just wish I could do this instead of her. Why cant it be me instead. Why cant I be the one to go through what my precious babies have gone through. Why is it them?!? They havent done anything to deserve any of this... But I know.... I cant think like this. Even though I do... I know I cant. I have to think of it as GOD has plans... His own set of plans... A plan for each and every one of us. My babies are specially wrapped, they are perfect. Their hearts are a lil more special than others. Please Pray that everything goes well for Aubrey on Tuesday. This is her 7th surgery. She WILL do good. She WILL come out of this. A lil stronger everytime!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Austins echo...

Austin was a champ!!! The minute he walked into the room, he was afraid he was going to get a shot.... but he didnt. He did so well!!! He laid there the entire time while the echo tech did his echo. He wanted to play with the clock on the wall. It was too cute. Everything looked GREAT!!!! Nothing had changed since the year before! He is able to play sports if he wants. He is such a miracle!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The closer it gets....

This is going to be a crazy month. Austin's appointment is coming up this week. The closer it gets the more nervous I get. I KNOW he is the picture of health now, but a mommy cant help but to worry. Aubrey's next heart cath is in a few weeks... it came up too fast. I really hope that everything goes well. They are both doing so well.... But I cant help but to worry!
I want everyone to take a moment and Pray for the Freeman Family. Kayleigh was born in June last year weighing 1lb. 1oz. Kayleigh has had many surgeries, including open heart when she was only 4lbs. Kayleigh had another surgery a few weeks ago, and something went wrong... The doctors said she is "brain dead". All her mom and dad want to do is take her home... through her door, into her room and to see her siblings... Please Pray that her mommy and daddy get to do that.... Please Pray for Kayleigh!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aubrey's Cath is scheduled

Aubrey's cath is scheduled for May 19. PLEASE PRAY for her! Dr. Beekman is going to balloon out her stents in her pulmonaries and take more pics of her aorta. PRAY!!!

Austin's Next appointmen

Austin's next cardiology appointment is May 7. PLEASE PRAY ALL IS WELL!!!!!!!!!

Aubrey's CHD Journey

After Austin was born, we were told by the doctors, that if we were to ever get pregnant again, there was a 5-10% chance of having anther baby with heart defects. We found out we were pregnant for the 2nd time in April 2007. We were very nervous! We were getting ready to move, trying to sell our house, and my husband just lost his job with Ford. The baby and I were followed closely. We moved in July 2007, 200 miles from "home". I had to find another OB. Several people referred me to Dr. Priddle. He followed the baby very closely. At 19 weeks we found out we were having a baby GIRL, and that her heart looked fine. WHAT A RELIEF!!!! I was soooo happy.
I wanted a second opinion, so we had another fetal echo done at Cincinnati Children's Hospital at 26 weeks. Aubrey had developed mild pulmonary stenosis. Oh no. I was so upset. So again at 28 weeks, another fetal echo, mild pulmonary stenosis and mild aortic stenosis. We were very worried. At 32 and 34 weeks we were seen again, and things had gotten worse for our baby girl. At 36 weeks, the doctors decided that we needed to have the baby at 38 weeks and she would spend time in the NICU.
On December 14, 2007 Aubrey Rose was born at 11:56 AM weighing 7lbs 1 oz. She looked just like her big brother. She was taken to the NICU and monitored. She did well.... on December 15, Aubrey was taken to Cincinnati Childrens to be monitored a lil closer. Aubrey did great, and on December 18, Aubrey was able to come home.
We were together as a family for Christmas!!! Aubrey's next appointment was on December 27, for an echo. Dr. Beekman felt that he needed to do a Cardiac Catherization to check a little closer on her pulmonaries. He ballooned them out on December 28. Aubrey was able to come home, but was monitored with an echo every 2 weeks. Her next cath was on March 11. The Plan was to balloon out her pulmonaries again. This time, it didnt go as planned. Aubrey went into cardiac arrest 2 times in the cath lab and once while she was in the CICU.... while I was holding her precious little hand.
Dr. Beekman explained how sick Aubrey was. He said the only thing to save her life was to place stents in her pulmonaries. On March 12, Dr. Beekman placed 3 stents in her pulmonaries. 2 in her right and 1 in her left. Aubrey had another echo before she was released to make sure her pulmonaries were functioning well with her stents. On March 18 Aubrey was released again. On April 3, Aubrey had a post-op echo. The cardiologists couldnt believe it. Aubrey had developed a severe coarctation on her aorta, in 2 1/2 weeks. Aubrey had emergency surgery on April 7. Aubrey's next cath was on June 24. Her pulmonaries were ballooned out again. And Dr. Beekman said she needed another open heart to fix her aorta.
Dr. Egthesady explained what he was going to do. He was going to patch her aorta. Basically as far down as he could go. So on July 24, she had her next surgery. We were told that it was going to be a very rough night for her. But AUBREY was a trooper, not one desat, nothing.
Aubrey is followed very closely by Dr Beekman at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Austins CHD Journey until now...

We found out we were pregnant with Austin Green in Novemeber 04. We were excited. We were going to have a healthy baby!!! At our 16 week OB checkup, Dr. Buckley decided we needed a fetal echocardiogram, because there was history of heart disease on my husband's side of the family. So at 19 weeks, we had a fetal echo. We found out it was a BOY and that his heart was HEALTHY!!! So we went about the normal pregnancy, eating, both of us getting fat, you know, the norm.
Austin was due July 22, 2005. Well, July 22 came and went... I was huge, but I did everything I could to go into labor. Nothing worked!! I walked, sex, everything I read that I could do. NOTHING! So we were induced on July 28. Couldnt wait! We brought our coloring books, lol. So we colored, and colored, and COLORED!!! Still, nothing. Austin was pretty comfortable where he was at. Friday evening, Dr. Buckley came in to check me and said, I will not be delivering, I am going on vacation... WHAT?!?!? I was worried. So early Saturday morning the "new" doctor came in... "you still are not dialated all the way.."
So at 4:30AM, the doctor came in and said if you want your family to be here, call them. We will be delivering by c-section around 6:30AM. So.... we called everyone to come in. Everyone was there by 6. The nurse came in and said that I had already dialated, we will wait.
WHAT?!?!? WAIT!?!?!? We have waited for 40 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!! So around 12:30 that afternoon, the doctor came in and said the baby was too big and I needed an emergency csection. FINALLY!!!!!!!
Austin was born at 1:46PM on July 30, 2005 weighing a healthy 9lbs. 13 oz. I lost a lot of blood and needed to stay a few extra days, thank GOD, because the day we were supposed to be released, the pediatrician came in and said that Austin had a heart murmur. We heard that and immediately we were scared! Austin was seen that day at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital. He was diagnosed with Mild Pulmonary Stenosis.
Austin was followed closely. At 3 months, he had another checkup and nothing had changed. 6 months later, when he was 9 months old, he had another routine echo. There were several echo technicians in the room. One of them turned to us and asked if there was any history of down syndrome or Williams Syndrome in either family. We didnt know what Williams Syndrome was and we knew no one had Downs. So... Dr. Beekman, Austin's cardiologist, came in to talk to us and told us that Austin had severe aortic stenosis and he needed Open Heart to repair it.
The day after Austin's first birthday, he had open heart surgery. Dr. Manning was his surgeon. He placed a patch over the ascending part of Austin's aorta. Austin is checked yearly now and is the picture of health!!! THANK GOD!!!!!